Winter Injury tips and Physical Therapy

With the recent snowfall it seem winter is still here and not going away for a little while longer. And with these conditions, injuries are bound to occur. Physical Therapy is a key tool in providing some relief from unfortunate injuries that can occur. Unfortunately, there are a large number of injuries related to the change in the outdoor climate. Something as simple as going to the grocery store or clearing your sidewalk can be hazardous.  At Advanced Rehabilitation, we hate to see these accidents happen and would like to recommend some tips that may help.

Take your time and slow down, what’s the hurry? Take an extra moment to secure your footing, scan your surroundings for obvious icy terrain, avoid sudden changes in direction, and be practical of how you’re carrying items in your hands. When stepping out of a car, assess the surface, consider getting both feet down on the ground and then standing up out of the car. When walking, be on the lookout for terrain that will provide more grip: cinders, grit, sand, and de-icers such as salt. If walking outdoors at night, consider a small flashlight if the area is not well-lit. Also try to avoid leather or smooth soled shoes in winter conditions. Many shoes designed for winter have rubber compounds in the sole that are designed for cold conditions and can grip better.

A slip and fall on ice can result in a devastating injury such as a fractured hip, concussion, shoulder dislocations/ fractures, and wrist fractures just to name a few. If something does happen, from major to minor, our knowledgeable staff at Advanced Rehabilitation can evaluate and make a personal plan for you.