Aqua therapy

Looking for aqua therapy? Contact Advanced Rehabilitation today! We are the area’s best choice for aqua therapy, offering aquatic therapy in our west 12th street location.  Experience the Advanced Rehabilitation difference. At Advanced Rehabilitation, we implement a functional based philosophy, utilizing evidence-based treatments and techniques focused on each individual patient’s needs and goals. These individualized treatment programs allow our patients to succeed in reducing their pain and achieve their physical therapy goals.

Water therapy exercise programs consist of a variety of treatments and exercises that are done in a pool and may be specifically designed to provide relief of low back pain or neck pain. These exercises also serve to condition and strengthen muscles to help avoid future recurrences of back pain.  Aqua Therapy is especially helpful in cases where a land-based exercise program is not possible due to the intensity of pain, decreased bone density, disability or other factors.

Benefits of Aqua Therapy

The physical properties of water make it a highly desirable medium in which to exercise to treat back pain and other musculoskeletal injuries. Some of the most important properties of water that make exercise easier are:

  • Buoyancy: water counteracts gravity and helps to support the weight of the patient in a controlled fashion as the patient is immersed. This can aid the development of improved balance and strength. The buoyancy of water also permits a greater range of positions due to the virtual elimination of gravitational forces, particularly for exercises that require lifting the legs, the heaviest limb of the body for most people.
  • Viscosity: water provides resistance by means of gentle friction, allowing strengthening and conditioning of an injury while reducing the risk of further injury due to loss of balance.
  • Hydrostatic pressure: there are powerful effects produced by the hydrostatic pressure that improves heart and lung function, making aquatic exercise a very useful way to maintain and strengthen heart and lung function. This pressure effect also aids in improving muscle blood flow.

Together, these properties allow development of an exercise regimen that minimizes the weight placed on the spine and risk of injury due to unintended movements during exercises. Let the knowledgeable staff at Advanced Rehabilitation guide you on the path to your recovery. Contact us today.