Aquatic Therapy Exercises for Post Surgical Recovery

Do you have an operation scheduled due to a sports injury or other medical reasons? Make an appointment with us today so you can experience aquatic therapy exercises for post surgical recovery. After any type of surgery, you may be stiff in some areas and muscles may become weak. We have done the research and know the positive affects water has on the body. One of the properties of water is buoyancy. This is when the water has a greater force over gravity. With water taking over forces, you are able to balance out your weight easier and it’s not so harsh on your joints.

Getting into the water and practicing techniques is one thing and having the water at a specific temperature is another. The water is to be at a warm temperature. If it is too cold, it will cause your joints to tighten up not allowing you full movement and flexibility. The warmth of the water will relax your muscles and ease any pain that you may experience while being on land. All these factors are what makes water therapy so good for any health situation.

Aquatic Therapy for Sports Injury

If you’ve had a sports injury and needed a procedure done, aquatic therapy exercises for post surgical recovery can have you back to your normal self faster than traditional land based methods. Aquatic techniques allow an injured athlete to recover easily with the water providing a high resistance, low impact type of environment. This gives you the ability to continue training without injuring yourself any worse and possibly never being able to recover. Exercises will vary depending on the condition of the patient. Aquatic therapy is the best way to recover to get you back to participating in the sport you love.

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Be sure to contact us before or right after a planned surgery. Everyone at Advanced Rehabilitation & Aquatic Therapy wants you to be able to recover fast and easy by practicing aquatic therapy exercises for post surgical recovery. Following most any sort of operation, our educated therapists are here for you and prepared to get you back to the things you love to do.