Aquatic therapy is a viable rehabilitation alternative for anyone with current pain from post surgery, sports injuries,  or chronic pains of any kind. The physical therapy industry has embraced this technique with studies that prove it’s worth in the recovery process. The unique physical properties of the water make it an ideal medium for low impact recovery. Aquatic programs can be used in conjunction with a land-based program or as a sole treatment approach. Our orthopedic specialists in Erie and Girard PA have complete training in this field as well as a large facility which provides the pool and other equipment to maintain a great rehabilitation plan. In the case a person has trouble even getting into the pool, we have a commercial grade lift that will safely help you get in. In addition, pool products and other equipment for recovery are present with our certified therapist. Low resistance flow and soothing water streams can account for many of the proven recovery benefits of aquatic therapy, both of which are present at Advanced Rehabilitation. Under water treadmills also help with easy and soothing treatment methods. From major injuries to minor pain, aquatic therapy validates itself over and over again each and every day. Our aquatic programs provide relief to chronic pain, sports injuries or post surgical rehabilitation in a comfortable atmosphere that normally has just you and the physical therapist in the pool. Advanced Rehabilitation analysis your pain and develops custom plans for each individual in order to provide the maximum result. Read more about the benefits of aquatic therapy..