Is aquatic therapy beneficial post-surgery? Let’s admit it, sometimes the Inevitable happens. Slip and fall, sports injury, car accident, which may need to require surgery. There’s always a little good and a little bad with having surgeries.  The benefit of having surgery for an injury is to ultimately fix and repair that injury, and hopefully live pain-free. However, following the surgery comes, what has been known as the, ‘painful recovery process.’ Advanced Rehabilitation offers several rehabilitation options that also includes aquatic therapy. Using water therapy can also speed up your overall recovery time.

For starters, patients who choose aquatic therapy can begin their rehab program sooner, typically 3-4 days post-surgery. Beginning therapy sooner, decreases swelling and discomfort allowing the patient to unload their body weight and move freely in the warm water.  Additionally, it minimizes the loss of range of motion and muscle strength. Water therapy offers post-operative patients the opportunity to experience an earlier level of rehabilitation and activity compared to waiting until they can bear their weight on land. Therefore, patients reap the benefits of not losing their muscle strength or range of motion and it decreases their pain level while improving function.

As always your doctor will be the best person to recommend a post-operative treatment plan. If physical or aquatic therapy is a suggestion, contact Advanced Rehabilitation. Our knowledgeable staff can determine your best avenue to get you back on the right track!