Aquatic Therapy and lower back pain

Is Aquatic therapy right for you and your back pain? Most individuals experience low back pain at some point in their lives, which makes it the most prevalent cause of disability. And many of the people who experience it are in too much pain to exercise on land, but the aquatic environment offers them a place to stretch and strengthen their backs with minimal discomfort.

Aquatic therapy is a conservative, non-surgical form of physical therapy used to treat back pain. Aquatic therapy incorporates warm water, exercise and whirlpools to relieve pain and pressure on joints and muscles. Water therapy can also help improve range of motion and muscle suppleness. Aquatic therapy is gaining acceptance in the medical community as an accepted treatment for chronic pain patients.

People who have sciatica, pinched nerves, foraminal stenosis or other painful spinal injuries may have difficulty moving due to their condition. In cases like these, aquatic therapy may be prescribed. Since the body’s natural buoyancy in water reduces the stresses of gravity on the spine, aquatic therapy provides a less painful experience than other forms of physical therapy.

While a variety of on-land therapeutic interventions can help alleviate back pain, aquatic therapy is the only treatment that can increase range of motion without weight bearing and can encourage patient confidence; thus helping speed patient recovery. Both acute and chronic pain can be successfully treated through aquatic therapy, but the temperature of the water can be one of the most important factors in facilitating progress.

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