Benefits of Aquatic Therapy After Stroke

(Aquatic Therapy) — Strokes are numerous, unexpected and deadly in the US, affecting nearly 800,000 Americans each year. The aftermath can be devastating, often causing mobile, cognitive, vision and motor dysfunction that persists long-term or even indefinitely thereafter. And while we’re generally more aware of stroke’s physical effects, mental and emotional repercussions can be just as bad if not worse. Loss of functioning brings other problems as well, including loss of confidence, loss of hope and fractured sense of identity. They come at once, in an enveloping wave that steals pieces of the psyche like a violent riptide. But we don’t have to get carried away.

There are many options for rehabilitation after a stroke, and one of the most effective is ironically aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy after stroke aids survivors by building strength and improving balance with exercises that use water’s buoyancy and unique field of multi-dimensional fluid resistance. The warm water helps reduce chronic pain by releasing the body’s natural endorphins, while its buoyancy builds confidence by curbing fear of falling. It also makes walking easier as buoyancy decreases body weight by up to 90 percent. Regular visits to Advanced Rehabilitation for aquatic therapy after stroke can spur dramatic post-stroke revitalization by strengthening core neural, musculoskeletal, social and personal connections for holistic rejuvenation that restores functionality and confidence on many levels.

If you, or a person you know has suffered a stroke, then you are exactly how we feel. Stroke paralyzes nerves, muscles, families, relationships and sometimes lives. We know paralyzations are by nature very tense. Aquatic therapy after stroke helps survivors move forward and relax. They’re hard, but Advanced Rehabilitation is happy to help restore balance. To your mind. To your body. To your Life.