Benefits of water therapy

There are many benefits of water therapy. Let Advanced Rehabilitation guide you through the process. Water therapy is very beneficial to those who are unable to perform land-based exercise or therapy due to pain, obesity or other restrictions. Aquatic therapy reduces the load on weight-bearing joints and lessens the stress and strain on joints of the upper extremity and trunk.

Water therapy allows these patients to perform exercises in a pain-free and therapeutic environment with the following benefits:

  • Buoyancy: Buoyancy assists in unweighting patients’ body mass, decreasing joint stress and making it easier and less painful for residents to exercise.
  • Hydro-static pressure: Hydrostatic pressure reduces joint inflammation, enhances circulation and improves joint position awareness.
  • Viscosity: The viscosity of water is an excellent source of natural resistance for strengthening. Patients can improve mobility, strength, and function during the healing process.
  • Healing: Warm water also stimulates body awareness, balance and trunk stability. Patients also experience muscle relaxation, resulting in an increase of blood flow and earlier healing.

The Advanced Rehabilitation Difference

By integrating and utilizing the benefits of water therapy At Advanced Rehabilitation, you will experience numerous benefits such as:

  • Improved balance without the fear of falling
  • Pain-free exercise and weight loss
  • Increased leg strength to remain active and reduce falls
  • Faster rehabilitation from various surgeries or injuries
  • Reduced joint pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia or other chronic pain issues

Following a land based physical therapy evaluation; an aquatic exercise program is individualized to each patient and designed to address functional deficits and restore function. Our ultimate goal is to transition your aquatic therapy to a traditional land based program with eventual transition to a home program emphasizing patient independence. The aquatic pool is also included as part of our Aftercare program, allowing discharged patients to continue their independent exercise routines. If you have any questions, contact us today.