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Hey There Gorgeous. Need a Tune-Up?

The best aquatic therapist Erie has to offer is Advanced Rehabilitation. As you read this article, your eyes see light surrounding symbols that represent sounds. These symbols merge like bricks to make audio structures that represent ideas called words. Words weave into waves of symphonic thought that make flowing channels of cognition. As context builds, your mind follows the vibe like a big winding staircase of thought. Your mind funnels in and your body responds; unaware you begin to relax. Your breathing slows as your mind trails off, plodding further and further on still. Like a train chugs along across big countryside, you coast rails over planes beyond time. Your muscles ease as light pulses throughout on an far-reaching network of nerves. Your heart slows its beats and endorphin’s flow, making cool comfy calm that falls heavy and thick. Made of more than 600 muscles and over 200 bones, your body is a beautifully complex machine. Just like other machines, we get out of whack and require special technicians to train us back into order. As a person that depends on the strength of machines, you want the best mechanics for your car, the best electricians for your home, and the best technicians for your electronic devices. For the machine you call home, you’ll want the same. You’ll want to find the best aquatic therapist Erie offers for instance; the best specialists for your unique structural blueprint. Come to Advanced Rehabilitation and find the finest mechanics for the most wonderful machine ever made — you. We have certified therapists with a range of specializations and deep passions for the work that they do.

Need a tune-up? Come on down to Advanced Rehabilitation in Erie, where we love fixing the mechanics of you.

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If you are considering physical therapy, contact Advanced Rehabilitation. We’re an independently owned practice that has served the Erie community since 1998. Here we implement a functional based philosophy that utilizes evidence based treatments and techniques focused on individual goals and needs. Individualized treatment programs allow our patients to succeed in reducing their pain and achieving their physical goals. We don’t over-utilize modalities or passive treatment; instead we focus on using the most effective techniques to evaluate and treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Our goal is to accurately identify your specific source of pain to restore optimal function and movement.