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Is land therapy too hard on your body due to your current situation? If so, then you may need to explore the benefits of the best aquatic therapy in Erie PA, Advanced Rehabilitation Physical & Aquatic Therapy! Whether you are suffering from back or neck pain or trying to recover from a surgery, water therapy is right for you. This specific type of physical therapy is proven to work due to the basic principles of water. In most circumstances, we believe aquatic therapy is the easiest on your body letting you stretch and move in a pain free way.

Advanced Rehab has done the research on and invested in the most advanced aquatic therapy equipment available. With such quality equipment in our locations, our clients are sure to have a speedy and safe recovery with minimal to no pain during the process. Our business is also made up of knowledgeable credited therapists who are accredited on the best techniques and procedures to work with patients, no matter their situation. Our staff will help you and encourage you to get through the therapy their specific patient needs in order to get back to a pain free life. Your health is very important to not only you but all members of our team. With our 3 convenient locations, no one will have a problem getting to Advanced Rehabilitation Physical & Aquatic Therapy. These are only a few reasons why we are the best aquatic therapy Erie PA has to offer. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and find out more reasons why most people in Erie choose Advanced Rehabilitation!

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Ready to experience a pain free life? Contact us today to set up an appointment at your most convenient time. Members of our staff are experts in this field and provide high quality, caring support for each and everyone of our patients. Our team is committed to help you get back up on your feet and living everyday to the fullest without experiencing pain or uneasiness.