Hey Erie golfers, do you think Physical Therapy can increase your overall golf game? We stumbled on an article that shows us, indeed it can! Most people think of Physical Therapy only when something has gone wrong, like post surgical rehab, sports injury recovery or other pain management needs. In actuality, preventative physical therapy can be very beneficial, especially in a sport like golf where you are twisting and turning your back, hips and shoulders constantly.

In the article we found from the Washington Post website, the argument that physical therapy can help your golf game is solidified with practical thinking behind the body movements of a golfer during game play. An important aspect in any golfers game is to stay within the ‘swing plane’ . This range of motion is, generally speaking, not a natural movement for any person male or female. Just like any unnatural repetitive movement, your golf swing can cause problems and pain in many areas if not performed properly.

The article continues with suggestions to stepping up your game play and preventing injury by visiting your local Physical Therapist. View the entire article here.