Functional Capacity Evaluation

A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) evaluates an individual’s capacity to perform work activities related to his or her participation in employment. The FCE process compares the individual’s health status, and body functions and structures to the demands of the job and the work environment. This test evaluates physical strength, range of motion, stamina, and tolerance of functional activities.

The evaluation process is extensive and may include activities such as lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling. It also may include positional tolerance activities such as sitting, standing, walking, balancing, reaching, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, object handling, hand grasping, and hand manipulation. Pain monitoring is frequently performed during the FCE to document reported levels of indicated pain during the various activities. The FCE report typically includes an overall physical demand level, a summary of job-specific abilities, a summary of performance consistency and effort, and follow-up treatment recommendations.

Who Can Benefit From an FCE?

Although commonly used in return-to-work programs after being injured on the job, an FCE can be beneficial for a wide variety of reasons such as:

  • Someone applying for Social Security Disability benefits
  • Someone seeking to return to work or volunteer activities after an injury or illness
  • Someone injured in an automobile accident
  • Someone seeking vocational rehabilitation services

Contact Advanced Rehabilitation

If you are in need of a functional capacity evaluation, contact Advanced Rehabilitation. Our staff has the education and training required to handle the complex and dynamic interactions between the person, the environment, and the occupation. Our tests are administered by licensed physical therapists only who have completed a certification course in FCE administration. Information is power. And knowing the capacity and capability of an employee to do his or her job ultimately protects everyone involved. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or visit our website for more details.