Functional Capacity Evaluation

Functional Capacity Evaluations offered by Advanced Rehabilitation are modeled after nationally recognized protocols supported by published scientific studies. The evaluation is designed to accommodate the specific objectives required to determine a functional status for each individual patient. The test is a three hour process which includes subjective and objective data which is determined through functional, static and dynamic testing, as well as psychological profiling.

Objective Conclusions

Data obtained during objective testing can be correlated to any job analysis provided by the case manager, rehab nurse, or employer. Recommendations regarding return to work status and any accommodations can then be made appropriately.

Forty-eight Hour Turnaround

48hr. return on FCE reports ensures that you will not lose valuable recovery time. If a completed report is required sooner we are able to accommodate your needs. By utilizing comprehensive evaluation criteria to ascertain physical demand classifications and a functional status for each individual, we can provide the most thorough information available.

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