Are you having difficulty getting back up on your feet due to painful land therapy? Schedule an appointment with Advanced Rehab today and experience how aquatic therapy helps post surgical recovery. We can be sure aquatic therapy is less painful and easier on your body. There is a proven science behind what happens when the water comes in contact with a patient’s body. For example, one of water’s physical properties that occurs is buoyancy. Buoyancy is when water interferes with gravitational forces giving the patient freedom to balance their own weight much easier. Also putting the patient more at ease and comfortable to move in the water rather than land.

Along with balancing one’s weight, another reason how water therapy helps post surgical recovery is the ability to move easier. It causes less irritation to joints, muscles, and other areas that may have been operated on. Water therapy gives you the chance to keep moving properly while letting the specific operated area heal. Due to the warmer temperatures of the water you may become more flexible because your joints are less tense. Whereas in cooler water people may experience themselves tensing up and not as relaxed.

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Do not suffer any longer while trying to participate in therapy that is causing you more pain after a surgery. Contact us today to get scheduled for aquatic therapy. Our educated therapists are here to help no matter your current situation. Whether it has been just a week after surgery or even a month, we will work at your pace to get you moving again. Life is too short to be in pain doing everyday things. There is help HERE at Advanced Rehabilitation Physical & Aquatic Therapy and a solution to help anyone recover.