Advanced Rehabilitation Recognized in “Letter to the Editor”

Published: Erie Times-News on August 22, 2011

Physical Therapists Recommended

If ever it is necessary for any of your readers to need physical therapy or they have had therapy and in some way were dissatisfied with the results, I would sincerely like to recommend a wonderful facility called Advanced Rehabilitation.

There are three locations but I am personally acquainted with the one on West Eighth Street since September 2009. I had also gone to this facility for another problem I had several years ago and was treated very successfully. The physical therapists and employees are extremely knowledgeable, empathetic and considerate and treat you like family.

Dorothy “Peach” McVey/Erie

August 22, 2011

“How to shoulder a burden”

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Advanced Rehabilitation Congratulates Jamie Mattswell

Jamie has met the requirements established by the McKenzie Institute including having passed a written and practical credentialing examination recognizing competency in the method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy of the Spine.  Jamie joins the ranks of other Certified (Cert. MDT) Physical Therapists at Advanced Rehabilitation.

Advanced Rehabilitation wishes Vanessa good luck

Vanessa is on her way to Bali Indonesia to participate in a one day 52 mile ultra marathon to benefit Classroom of Hope. On May 26th,  she will be one of 16 runners representing the USA. Money raised will help 100 children from Bali go to primary school. You can contribute to this great cause by accessing this link…….or email Vanessa directly at

Advanced Rehabilitation will make a difference!   accredidations

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