Orthopedic Injuries & Physical Therapy

Machines play a huge part in all our daily lives. Cars, blenders, turbines, turntables, vacuum cleaners and even can-openers are examples of simple machines we depend on to live and work comfortably every day. These simple machines work well most of the time but we’ve all dealt with the frustrations of their untimely malfunctions, like scissors that don’t cut, sliding screen doors that are off track, bikes that scrape and squeal and even broken yo-yo’s.

Orthopedics is the art of  fixing and maintaining the most magnificent machine ever–the human body. A collaborative masterpiece of both hard and soft components, it’s a contraption of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves that can get wobbly and off-track like any screen-door, blender or bike. When this happens, an orthopedic injury is said to have occurred. There are two types of orthopedic injuries, acute and chronic.

Acute Injuries

Acute orthopedic injuries are the result of sudden trauma including strains,(torn ligaments) sprains (pulled or torn muscles) and contusions(bruises). These can be painful and and are known to seriously affect proper body mobility.

Chronic Injuries

Chronic injuries generally result from wear and and tear through long-term overuse. They include tendinitis and bursitis.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy fixes these problems through corrective tissue strengthening and alignment procedures that include exercise, stretching, heat-treatment and massage, which, over time, serves as a sort of “tune-up” for the body’s overlapping systems of moving parts.

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