At Advanced Rehabilitation Physical and Aquatic Therapy, our certified therapists use techniques and equipment which provides the best results for your injury recovery. Educating yourself about the types of equipment used in our industry as well as the proven successful exercises is the first step in choosing the proper physical therapist. Below you will discover some of the techniques and equipment manufactures we use in our three offices.


Preferred Technique for Spinal Care – The McKenzie Method

The McKenzie Method is not merely a method of exercise, rather a comprehensive and sound process that when understood and followed properly, can provide remarkable results. A Pain free life begins with a McKenzie Assessment. At Advanced Rehabilitation in Erie PA, a process is used which is unique to the McKenzie Method. This process is a well-defined algorithm that leads to the simple classification of spinal-related disorders.

This method incorporates a unique mathematical equation that uses cause and effect of the assessment results, bringing science and factual information into your rehabilitation plan. There is no guessing when using the McKenzie Method. Your unique recovery plan will be produced using actual information which your body has given us!

Many other techniques are used for a number of problematic areas. Take a look at our Evidence based practices page, or contact us for any questions.

Equipment Manufactures used by Advanced Rehabilitation Physical & Aquatic Therapy

The equipment used in our facilities are state of the art and well researched in order to provide our clients a top tier treatment. Take a look at some of the brands we use below:

In order to achieve the best results using the above equipment, a certified physical therapist is key.