Pool Therapy for Back Pain

Pool therapy for back pain can be very beneficial. Contact Advanced rehab with any questions. Anyone is welcome to schedule an aquatic physical therapy appointment with no referrals needed. We understand how painful exercising and stretching can be on a sore back, which is why we opened an aquatic center. With advanced technology and our knowledgeable staff, you will be on your way to recovery and a pain-free life in no time. It is our responsibility to start you off with pool therapy, then to land therapy and eventually home exercises.

Ever wonder why pool therapy helps with back pain? A physical property of water, such as buoyancy is what helps. Buoyancy is when water interferes with gravitational forces making it easier to balance and support your weight. Being submerged in water takes pressure off joints and the spinal cord. This then gives you the ability to move better, while being in less pain and get strength back. Given this information, there are many advantages to pool therapy for back pain. Once you complete the requirements of aquatic therapy, we will then move you to therapy on land.

Contact Advanced Rehab

The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can be on your way to a painless recovery! We wouldn’t have opened an aquatic therapy session if we knew it didn’t work. At Advanced Rehab, we believe pool therapy for back pain is the best way for anyone to heal. Our team is always understanding of anyone’s situation. We are always willing to work with you, at the best pace possible, if you are willing to also willing to work. Our staff can only assist you and get you in the right direction of healing, but you have to try, work through the pain, and do any homework assignments we assign. This is your road to recovery and back to doing the things you love.