The Post Surgical Rehab programs at Advanced Rehabilitation Physical & Aquatic Therapy are meant to get the patient back to normal. Range of motion, loss of pain and maintaining daily functions are all goals when developing a post surgical treatment plan. At Advanced Rehabilitation Physical & Aquatic Therapy, you have the benefit of exposure to a variety of rehabilitation specialists according to your specific diagnosis and needs, including physical and certified occupational therapists. 

Physical therapy does not have to be boring. At each of our three locations in the Erie PA area, we specialize in many forms of rehabilitation. Depending on your injury, we have the best equipment and experience in the area to get you ‘back’ to normal (yes, pun intended). The truth is, regardless of what hurts or where on your body the surgery took place, our staff really cares and treats each patient as if you were our family member. If coming to rehabilitation is fun and enjoyable than you are more likely to complete the treatment plan to the fullest of your capabilities and get rid of unwanted pain and irritation.

See some of our testimonials here > You will find that our clients love the environment and staff at Advanced Rehabilitation. We also have many years experience in developing treatment plans for back surgery, knee surgery, ankle, wrist & neck surgery patients as well. So whether your surgery was due to a sports incident or a health problem, we make the post surgical treatment plan fun to partake in and effective in your recovery to a pain free lifestyle!