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McKenzie Method for Spinal Care

Advanced Rehabilitation’s preferred approach to spinal care utilizes the McKenzie method. The McKenzie method is a mechanical based classification system for spinal disorders, which is internationally recognized and supported by many research-based facilities such as the Cleveland Clinic. The McKenzie method is the most progressive approach to conservative spinal care available. The method is based on the principles of Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention. All of our clinicians are credentialed McKenzie therapists.

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Custom Thermoplastic Splinting

Thermoplastic splinting makes use of low-temperature plastics to create and mold custom splints for a variety of orthopedic problems. Thermoplastic splinting provides rigid support to injured or painful joints. Splints are used to immobilize an injured or inflamed joint or used post-operatively as alternatives to casts. They can also be used for scar management, stabilize or support unstable joints, prevent contracture or deformity, and alleviate joint stiffness.

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Women’s Health

Advanced Rehabilitation offers services specifically designed to help with women’s needs. We offer treatment to women during and after pregnancy for back, neck, and extremity pain. Physiologic hormonal changes during and after pregnancy can cause ligament laxity resulting in the development of spinal pain, sciatica, and/or SI joint pain. Normal spinal mobility may be altered and lead to development of mechanical spinal pain, which may affect daily activity and limit functional mobility. Because Advanced Rehabilitation specializes in the treatment of spinal pain, we are able to develop symptom or exercise specific programs to minimize the painful effects of pre and post-pregnancy changes.

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Headache Management

If you suffer from headaches, you may benefit from physical therapy. A McKenzie evaluation can be performed to determine the cause of your headaches and more importantly treat your headache symptoms. Most headache pain can be improved or eliminated with postural correction, appropriate exercise, and ergonomic modifications.

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Vestibular Rehabilitation/Therapy

Vestibular damage or injury can result in dizziness, vertigo, balance dysfunction or problems, falls, and/or other symptoms. Many people are able to manage these symptoms on their own without treatment. Vestibular compensation allows the brain to adapt to these symptoms and make the appropriate adaptations. However, some people suffer from chronic or long standing deficits which limit functional mobility and can increase risk of fall and/or injury.

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Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy at Advanced Rehabilitation can be utilized as a supplement to traditional physical therapy management or may be prescribed specifically, depending on physician recommendation or at the physical therapist’s discretion. Aquatic therapy reduces the load on weight bearing joints and lessens the stress and strain on joints of the upper extremity and trunk. By reducing the load on joints movements and exercise are often performed with increased ease. Activities such as walking, squatting, and stepping are tolerated better and with less pain. The hydrostatic pressure of the water decreases joint and soft-tissue edema and swelling. Warm water increases joint flexibility, range of motion, promotes relaxation, and improves circulation.

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