Near Erie PA, there are  a few great destinations for winter sports. Picture this. You’re at Peak N Peak. You have been waiting for this moment for six months. Your strapped up and bundled and take that first ski/snowboard trip down the hill. Refreshing cold air and the freedom of the quiet mountain forces a huge smile on your face. This is the life! While this is an ideal scenario for many winter sports enthusiasts, skiing and snowboarding can be hard on your body. Constant squatting positions and treacherous/bumpy trails can be rough on the knees and hips. Quick twists and turns can also cause pain in the back and joints and unexpected falls can result in all sorts of aches and pains (and sometimes breaks and strains!).

A study by Michaud, Brennan, Wilder, and Sherman (1995) demonstrated that a progressive Aquatic Therapy treatment plan can create a faster and more complete recovery following sports injuries. Simple science alone tells us that warm water and soothing jets decrease swelling in muscles and joints. Mix this in with low pressure rehabilitation activities and proven treatment methods and you are sure to be back on the slopes in no time! At Advanced Rehabilitation Aquatic & Physical Therapy, clients have the ability to enjoy the comfort of our private pool area and benefit from our highly trained, experienced and educated staff members. No referral is needed either, so if you feel like our pool could help with even a small injury, stop in or call us!