Stroke Therapy

Advanced Rehabilitation is here for all your stroke therapy needs. One of the best approaches we take after a patient has had a stroke is aquatic therapy. As most of you know, a stroke is when the blood supply to the brain is lost or cut off. That being said, oxygen does not get to the cells in order to carry out everyday normal brain function and cells die. Any patient who suffers from a stroke, no matter the severity, will need time to recover. With the help of aquatic therapy after a stroke, you will be back to your normal self in no time.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy After a Stroke

There can be many benefits to any type of aquatic exercises or therapy, especially after being a victim of a stroke. Here at Advanced Rehab, we have an educated team of therapists who know the advantages of participating in any type of water therapy. After a stroke, you may loose your sense of balance which makes you a falling risk. While being submerged in water, the water’s physical properties take over leaving you with more control over your body weight. Therefore, giving you the strength and balance back making you less of a falling risk. Along with getting your balance back, aquatic therapy will increase the amount of oxygen throughout your body. As we all know, getting enough oxygen through the body will increase blood flow.

Contact us for Stroke Therapy Needs

For all your stroke therapy needs, contact us today! We never want insurance or payment issues to get in the way, which is why we have a wide range of carriers. Your health should be a number one priority, so do not wait. The sooner you start your road to recovery, the sooner you can be back to doing every day normal tasks.