Women’s Health

Advanced Rehabilitation offers services specifically designed to help with women’s needs. We offer treatment to women during and after pregnancy for back, neck, and extremity pain. Physiologic hormonal changes during and after pregnancy can cause ligament laxity resulting in the development of spinal pain, sciatica, and/or SI joint pain. Normal spinal mobility may be altered and lead to development of mechanical spinal pain, which may affect daily activity and limit functional mobility. Because Advanced Rehabilitation specializes in the treatment of spinal pain, we are able to develop symptom or exercise specific programs to minimize the painful effects of pre and post-pregnancy changes.

We are now offering services for women after the diagonosis of Breast Cancer. Some common complications following breast cancer treatment (mastectomy or lumpectomy) and lymph node resection are the development of radiation burns. Physical therapy can play just as an important in role in prevention of these complications as it can for the management of.

Post Mastectomy and Radiation Treatment

Rehabilitation following mastectomy and radiation may include individualized exercise programs to improve range of motion, flexibility, strength, and function. Manual techniques for pain control, scar tissue/fibrosis remodeling, and/or adhesion prevention can compliment individualized exercise programs as appropriate. Deep breathing exercises are used to improve rib cage expansion following radiation burns as well as postural exercises to correct and improve posture.

The professionals at Advanced Rehabilitation are always available to answer your questions and recommend appropriate and effective management for post Breast Cancer treatment.

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